Rihanna’s spotted in Mens Underwear for a Night Out

Celebrity Rihanna was always known for her outrageous sense of style, and she took it to new heights wearing men’s underwear for a night out.

Most celebrities spend a lot of time, money and effort to wear the best designer clothes available when they are out of their homes. However fashion watchers have always considered the celebrity Rihanna as something of an oddity, due to her rather outrageous taste in wearing clothes. After attending a fashion show dressed extremely skimpily, with very few clothes, which invited a lot of comment, she again shocked fashion watchers as she was photographed at a night out dressed in an unconventional manner, wearing mens underwear, boxer shorts with a denim jacket.


While the boxer shorts which Rihanna wore were not the skimpiest or most revealing figure hugging shorts available, most people were extremely surprised and shocked. The white boxer shorts were loose fitting with a black elastic band at the waist with the label clearly indicated. She had paired these shorts with a black bandeau to form a very revealing outfit, with only a full sleeved denim jacket with pockets on both sides, to cover her up. Her hands were adorned by what seemed to be Meshed gloves and her dark hair was brushed away from the face. Black sandals with ankle straps completed her look.

To match her clothes Rihanna had worn dark burgundy lipstick, and a number of chains adorned her neck. The length and design of the chains varied from a thin long silver chain, to more chunky outfits. However, it was her wearing men’s underwear which provoked the maximum comment. The celebrity has been earlier photographed wearing a nightie while watching a world cup match and it appears that she had put together the outfit for wearing on her night out, in a hurry. While there may be many better looking designer outfits, this outfit definitely ensured that she got the maximum attention and coverage among fashion watchers.

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