Ripped Jeans: the Trend is Back in Style

Not only is the ‘ripped jeans’ trend soon setting amongst the celebs today, but it is also becoming the hot favorite of everyone around. It soon seems to be the spring and summer setting trend and is practically been seen all over the place, and why not, the trend is way too chic and relaxing too!

When it comes to understanding style statements, there is one celeb who will never let us down and it is none other than Victoria Justice, 22. She delivers across the ripped jeans trend well and in an effortless style. Well, simply said, chic yet so casual at the same time. Recently for her Comeback Clothing campaign she wonderfully teamed H&M and from every possible angle, we simply love it!

Ripped Jeans the Trend is Back in Style 1

The stunning hot trend is all set and you can shop for it at quite a reasonable rate. Quite clearly, as we notice Victoria we understand this by now that she has learned the magic of making effortless style look quite a bit covetable.

She looked quite trendy and easy as she adorned a simple white top beneath her H&M Short Jacket and what most caught our attention was her trend setting H&M Slim Jeans in Denim Blue. These jeans are skinny and when worn, fit in so beautifully flattering your curves from every corner. The chief attraction of these jeans is the distressed look which tends to bring in a touch of thrill and fun yet have simplicity to it too.

Victoria also wore edgy yet simple H&M leather sandals together with the well blending Rebecca Minkoff Finn Cross Body Bag, completing the look.

If you want to step into a casual yet a little different modish style, then do go for ripped jeans and you sure will not regret your taken call!

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