Rita Ora flashes lots of skin at BBMA

Well, in the very typical Ora style, the ravishing blonde bombshell ended up surprising everyone at BBMA. She flashed a lot of flesh and thus left nothing or the imagination!

She knew this quite well that Calvin Harris, her ex boyfriend and the current boyfriend of songstress Taylor Swift will also be making his debut with Taylor at the big Billboard Awards. Rita Ora decided that she must turn up doing something drastic to gain all the attention!

Rita Ora flashes lots of skin at BBMA

Thu, to garner loads of attention, she went all wrong! She went about flashing hr skin in her usual Ora style. Reetz the RIP hitmaker walked through the red carpet bringing her boobs, her back, legs and even her arms. We feel she had donned the raunchiest of red carpet dress on Sunday for the huge event.

Rita Ora flashes lots of skin at BBMA 2

The dress that she had worn was made from wobbly strands of white fabric which was strategically clipped together with broaches that were giant sun shaped. She had worn quite an illuminating outfit. It ended up flashing too much of skin, much more than as expected. In fact, the star also ended up coming to the event without wearing any underwear!

Felt like she loved to reveal too much on the red carpet. And looking at her we got quite scratchy and uncomfortable. It seemed like the star loved the attention and posed quite provocatively.

Rita Ora flashes lots of skin at BBMA 1

The strikingly pretty star had her usual blonde hair and loosely formed ringlets. She had swept her hair at one end and looked quite confided in the sassy glam hairdo. The gorgeous bronzed singer also went for a make-up style that was too dramatic as she had bronze eye shadow and over the top red lips.

To accessorize the singer had worn a few bracelets and gold rings and chose sky-high white stilettos.

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