Rob Kardashian and Khole Kardashian Receive Appreciation From Their Fitness Trainer!

We all are well versed with saying, no pain no gain and if you thing a reality star’s life is a cake walk then you are certainly wrong! It is the motto followed by two very much loved TV personalities as they undergo tough fitness routines. If you think, it is just news. No we heard it from horse’s mouth! It was their Gym trainer who revealed about the routine and how the stars are making efforts to achieve their goals!

According to trainer, Gunnar Peterson, the popular reality stars have shown incredible work ethic as they aspire to achieve their fitness goals. He said that Khole always tries to do it better than before. But she is certainly not crazy about it. She just takes it as her work and is not at all obsessed about it! According to the trainer you will always see Khole with her head down. She follows steady work ethics and she does not get into analysis.

Rob Kardashian and Khole Kardashian Receive Appreciation From Their Fitness Trainer

The trainer did not stop here while talking with E! News, as could not stop praising his other student, Rob. According to him, Rob is focus as he gets into the gym for his routine and is indeed a hard worker who is showing progress day by day!  Peterson further added, “Rob’s a grinder, he’s getting it done. He’s one of those guys who is always going to keep at it. He’ll get to where he needs to be and everybody has their path.”

Both of the stars are showing progress no doubt, but if we could see they look at it differently! While Rob keeps it to himself, we would always see Khloé frequently updating her fans about fitness routine! She would not hesitate to reveal the time she was at it and also her fitness attires! We get to see her latest snaps in her recent fitness dress or with her girlfriends, but one thing is sure that it really makes her feel happy from inside!

The trainer revealed, “She’s a five days a week person, she kills it. She is always striving to be better.” If we see her recent photos, it is true that she is happy. But the question is, has she achieved her goal? T Gunnar replied, “Everything is a work in progress. As soon as you reach another goal, you’re setting another one. “

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