Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is All Set To Take Her Career to The Next Level

The 27-year-old beauty, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is all set to reach the next super-magnate status. This Devon-born gorgeous lady confessed that she is completely aware of her model life and is setting up enough plans for her future.

The stunning beauty has bagged another top fashion role. She is setting herself to front a plush jeans brand. The supermodel herself uttered that she would be the face of Paige Denim. When style seems to be its best on Rosie, she declared to be ready to start on the Spring campaign for Paige Denim in January.

Rosie Huntington


The Victoria’s Secret model revealed the news on her Instagram and Twitter accounts showing her enthusiasm over her unison with the brand. The supermodel is seemed holding a pair of  Paige Jeans stating her Excitement. It’s apparent that she is indeed thrilled to be the new recognition of the brand.

She has agreed on the hard fact modelling career is short lived and one fades away as the looks go away. She said, “I realised early on that nothing lasts forever, especially as a model – you have to build something for yourself from it. Looks go and you fade. Modelling is short lived.”

Thus, it spreads an assumption that she is further advancing her design catalogue following her best-selling lingerie offering. Efficient at multitasking, she designs a repertoire of lingerie for Marks & Spencer. And it seems, in the same way, she will be doing more than just modelling.

The founder of Paige, Paige Adams-Geller, informed that with her graceful and impeccable look and duty style, the brand can’t think of a more suitable ambassador for its reputed brand. She would be the “face and inspiration” of the spring campaign when the collection will launch in January, 2015, added Geller. Moreover, the brand has so much in common with her, which would surely be an advantage for the brand.

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