Runway-Inspired Ways to Wear the Front Crisscross

Crisscross patterns are the latest fashion trends and a look at how different fashion designers incorporate the crisscross pattern in their outfits

This year the major fashion trend incorporates front crisscross patterns in all the outfits, with an x neck, and a look at how this pattern has been incorporated by different fashion designers in the outfits which they have designed this year for their collections which have been worn by models on runways across the world. In addition to the designers, there are number of high street retailers who have incorporated this design in the garments they retail, taking into account the demand and popularity of the criss cross pattern trend.

Ways to Wear the Front Crisscross-FI

The crisscross pattern has become popular since it is very feminine, allowing the designer to reveal or hide skin as desired, making the wearer of the outfit look glamorous. Though this trend was first seen in tight fitting crop tops, it has been included in a variety of garments such as gowns, jumpsuits, dresses, tank tops as well as swimsuits. Black and white crop tops and skirt combinations are an ideal way to show off the criss cross pattern in the front. The crisscross on the crop top may reveal some skin, for a touch of glamour.

The crisscross patterned outfit may be worn loose or tight depending on the comfort level required for a printed outfit or an oufit using monochrome or pastel colors. Fashion designers like Carla Zampatti and Herve Lerger have incorporated the criss cross pattern for the top half of their black gown with halter neck and black and white crop top and skirt combination respectively. The criss cross may be subtly incorporated like the in the white frilly dress by Alice Mcall or stand out like the inexpensive all orange mini dress with crisscross orange top the Finders Keepers Vertigo Playsuit.

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