Sale of Clothes and accessories from Victoria Beckham’s Wardrobe

Celebrity Victoria Beckham announced that she will be auctioning off 600 pieces of clothes and accessories from her wardrobe to support Outnet

The celebrity Victoria Beckham, wife of famous English footballer David Beckham announced that she would be auctioning off 600 items from her wardrobe in support of Mothers2mothers and Outnet, in collaboration with the auction house Christie’s. Over a period of time, she had accumulated a large number of designer clothes, many of them specifically designed for her,  accessories like shoes, jackets, earrings, and since many of them were rarely used, she wanted to auction them off and also raise funds for the south African charity mothers2mothers whose cause touched her deeply.

Victoria Beckhams Wardrobe_IMG

Victoria Beckham had earlier this year spent some time with Outnet, founded by Dr Mitch Bessen with his wife Annie Lenox in South Africa. The organization worked with mothers2mothers which helped mothers infected with the HIV virus, how they could prevent transmission of the virus to their children, how they could bring up their children safely. The charity employs trains and empowers the mentor mothers who are infected with the AIDS virus which can result in terminal illness. She found that interacting with these women was a life changing experience and was moved to do something to help them at least financially.

Many of the items in the wardrobe of Victoria Beckham have been designed by the most reputed designers in the world, and she has enjoyed wearing these designer outfits. She now feels that someone else should enjoy these garments and accessories. The items to be auctioned have been valued by the auction house Christie’s and the sale has been scheduled in between August 20 to 25 depending on the demand for the items. Some of the outfits and accessories being auctioned are designer garments, evening wear, costume clothes, ski outfits, coats of different materials, handbags, shoes, hats and jewelry.

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