Secret of Victoria Beckham Soft and Bright Skin

Victoria Beckham has, undoubtedly, a skin that is glowing as well as soft and bright. She flaunts her beautiful skin in different occasion and she also earns enough praise for her style and beauty. Now what is the secret of this beautiful and glowing skin? It is recently revealed that the actress has been taking a special type of facial that is known as Bird poop facial.

Bird Poop Facial- A Bizarre Beauty Care

This facial is also known as Geisha Facial, and is considered as one of the bizarre beauty cares that cause horror. Celebs are known to try different types of beauty regimens. And some of the beauty regimes also cause horrors, but this facial has surpassed all beauty regiments that cause horror and is bizarre by nature.

Secret of Victoria Beckham Soft and Bright Skin 1

Place to get bird pool facial in NYC

In NYC, the spa called Shizuka Day Spa is known to offer this treatment. It would not cost so high but you can get this treatment by spending $180 for one session that comes with 60 minutes duration. The bird pool facial comes with a promising note of softening, brightening, and nourishing the complexion.

Origin of Bird Pool Facial

This facial has its history from the ancient tradition of Japanese beauty care. The most important ingredient of this bird pool facial is nightingale droppings that are powdered. Shizuka Bernstein is known to be one of the popular facialists of celebs in NYC. She discloses the secret of Japanese traditional beauty that is called as Geisha beauty. In her Geisha facial or bird pool facial she uses all Japanese ingredients that are natural. All those ingredients are to provide a soft and bright skin and nourish the complexion.

Japanese natural ingredients are known for their effectiveness, and the ancient traditional of Japan do come with several secret beauty cares that are still not revealed to us.

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