Spotted Palomino Clutch from Primecut – Simple Yet Stylish

Who said a simple design can be boring? Simplicity does not mean that it will be boring or not stylish or not trendy. A simple design can add flavour and bring style to an accessory if it is properly done. The Spotted Palomino Clutch from Primecut is one such instance that will define style in simplicity. The folded clutch is no way boring and the best part is the clutch is highly useful. It can be used to carry an iPad as well as it can be carried easily in your tote bag.

This Primecut’s spotted palomino clutch is trendy, has a simple design, but at the same time it is not boring and it can be taken as a part of your stylish accessories. The clutch is folded, and you can carry it easily. The clutch features use of leather as well as calf hair- the mix and match of two ingredients. One side of the clutch is made of pebbled and tan leather and the other features artistic usage of calf hair. The calf hair is spotted and it ranges from auburn to pale nude. The clutch is available on the marketplace for designer products- Of a Kind.

Spotted Palomino Clutch from Primecut - Simple Yet Stylish

The clutch is small and you can slide the clutch into your tote while you are out and need to carry your essentials. Again, the clutch is not small enough to disappoint you if you want to carry your iPad in it. The clutch is indeed big enough and you can easily put your iPad Mini along with some other essentials.

Another point of interest of the clutch is that it is totally handmade and it is made in Portland, Oregon. The uniqueness of the clutch is that you will get no more than one piece flaunting the exact same pattern. Moreover, in a series there are only 50 pieces, so you can easily carry a clutch that is not too common and easy to get anytime.

This Spotted Palomino Clutch from Primecut can be purchased from Of a Kind and the clutch comes at a price tag of $156.

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