Straw Hats Are the Street-Style Trends of the Season

Street style is gaining high popularity among the fashionistas as well as the photographers. And in this summertime models as well as all beautiful and fashion conscious ladies and gentlemen are tending towards hats, one of the most delicate yet simple accessories to define your taste of style. Cool straw hats are now the emerging trends of fashion. Interestingly, these straw hats are not limited to some users, but now these are being taken as one of the coolest accessories to define your style statement.

Undeniably, you will get huge scope to soak up sun as it is possible for you. There is plethora of activities waiting for you to bath in sun, like backyard barbecues and weekend getaways. And enjoying in bright sunshine means your skin’s exposure to the UV rays. It is normal in this scenario to protect your skin from the exposure of UV rays, and you will definitely use sunblocks. However, sunblocks alone is not enough to protect your soft and smooth skin from the UV exposure and you need something more. Here comes the importance and use of these hats.

Straw Hats Are the Street-Style Trends of the Season

Straw hats have been assigned a prestigious place in the world of fashion. They have been given importance in different couture shows as well as in menswear shows in recent fashion shows. Even the photographers who are expert in street style snaps prefer to photograph pictures of models donning flat-topped boater or shady fedora. Top models like Lindsey Wixson and Ulyana Sergeenko already showcased their use of these straw hats in different events.

Some days before, Lindsey Wixson has been spotted wearing classic wide-brimmed hat in NYC attending the soccer tournament of Adidas’ Fanatic. Different celebrities too showed their love for hats, Dakota Johnson and Lupita Nyong’o are already in the list of these straw hat lovers.

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