Style Sins & How To Get Them Right

There are many rules to be followed while wearing menswear, some which are never broken, while there are others which are regularly broken.

The many rules for wearing menswear can be classified into 2 categories – rules which are strictly followed, and others that many break due to ignorance or convenience. Some of the style sins are discussed, along with tips for correcting them.

Tailored clothes and trainers: Often due to convenience, many men break a basic fashion rule, wearing casual trainers or sports shoes with extremely formal tailored suits. This is particularly true for people who have to commute long distances, and want to wear the most comfortable footwear. This mismatch can be reduced to some extent by wearing suits which are not very formal, as well as shoes which are relatively formal, made from material like suede.

Cargo trousers: Most lists will specifically mention that cargo trousers are not to be used, since they are very bulky, and old fashioned. However, newer and more fashionable versions of these trousers can be obtained, by wearing trousers with slim pockets, slimmer cuts and tapering patterns.

Statement evening shirts: These are the colorful printed shirts which are worn for the party or night out, usually with large buttons and collars. However, larger gaudy prints can be difficult to pull off, so it is advisable to wear sober shades with smaller prints.

Jeweler: while most men have restricted themselves traditionally to a wristwatch and a wedding ring, in the last few years, they have tended to wear more jewels, like bracelets, necklaces. While a single stylish bracelet or necklace is recommended, wearing multiple rings on the fingers, bracelets and necklaces can be very garish and should be avoided.

Fedoras or wide brimmed hats: these fedoras or wide brimmed hats can ruin the best of suits or outfits if they are not suitable. To wear them well, it is important that these hats are extremely well designed, and also that the wearer has the confidence to carry off the hats well.

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