Stylish and Modish Can Anyone Beat Hannah Simone’s Dressing Style

The ‘New Girl’ – Hannah Simone – on the block looked pepped up and pretty as ever as she gleaming shared with us all her areas of interest. From the bustling London streets to the friendship rings she adores, she has the right taste of style and all is a gift from her fashion designer mother.

She said that she loved attending the Fashion Week and in fact it was something that she had never attempted before. She had attended the Monique Lhuillier show and was pleasantly pleased to have attended the much talked about show. She said that she also later attended the dinner party, which Lhuillier had arranged after the show. She felt the designer as a genuinely lovely as a person and had an organic and indisputable experience.

Speaking of designers, she simply doted on Peter Pilotto as was always a huge fan of theirs. She was about to attend an event and had adorned a beautiful Ted Bakerdress dress as she felt their clothesline as fresh, modish, and extremely feminine. Also to her they were very stylish at the same time.

Stylish and Modish Can Anyone Beat Hannah Simone’s Dressing Style

Speaking about her everyday style, she said since her mother had been a designer she had always been close to beautiful pieces of jewelry, clothes, scarfs from all around the world. She said her closet will reflect every bit of this experience and had said she had been always in for rings, something she appreciated and loved to have it.

Well the lady definitely had been into rings. The one she was wearing was presented to her by a dear friend, which denoted that they were always close together. The other one she had on was given to her by Deschanel at the end of the third season and one she had been lucky to find at Hood and the Horn made of a small little stone.

She definitely represented fashion we definitely agree and had the best of picks in her kitty!

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