Summer Beauty trend: Pastel Makeup

Though many woman associate pastel colors with spring, pastel color makeup remains most suitable for summer, where the focus is on looking natural

Pastel colored makeup has always been popular with women since it adds a touch of glamour without looking out very conspicuous or bright. Though popularly pastel colored makeup has been associated with spring, it remains the preferred colors for summer too as these shades blend with the natural look, which are recommended since temperatures are at their highest. Many popular brands have released a number of pastel makeup products in different shades for the eyes in the form of eyeliner and eye shadow, lips, nails and also lip blush.

Pastel Makeup0IMG

For highlighting the eyes, an electric blue eye shadow is available online at for as little as 12 dollars, with an applicated. Jin soon has light gray nail polish which will stand out when compared to the bright red nail polish most women wear. A lipstick shade which offers a unique combination of light orange and pink available at Lime Crime, ideal for parties and a night out. Most women prefer to wear lipstick shades which are close to natural or the popular bright red shades, few woman will have the guts to wear a lilac shade of lipstick, which will make her stand out in the crowd.

Pink eyeshadow for the eyes, is available in the form of an eyeshadow stick with angel shimmer from Mally Beauty. Nars offers blush in Light pink shades for the cheeks online at sephora. Light pink lip makeup has always been popular with women since it looks natural, blending with the natural lip color, and to meet this demand Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics offers light pink lip tar/matte with a brush for applying on the lips.  Peach nail polish from RGB will blend perfectly with pink lip color. Light green liquid eye liner offered by Stila Stayis waterproof and can complement the outfit worn by the woman.

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