Summer Dress Code: Trends of the season

In many offices employees are asked to comply with the dress code even during hot summer time. Especially for those who don’t know how to diversify your summer look for work, there are some modern trends of the season that would perfectly fit your wardrobe.


Shorts are one of the best elements that could be fitted well with the concept of “dress code.” In order to use them properly, make the emphasis on elegance and quality. Choose pastel shorts of costume fabric or dense expensive materials. You need to combine business style shorts with the pure white color shirts, light blouses and concise bags.

“Pencil” Skirt:

Business suits that include “Pencil” skirts have been a classic and immortal part of the office dress code. If your office has strict dress code rules, wear them with white shirts and ballet flats. However, if some deviations from strict style are permissible, use shirts with interesting prints and bright shoes.

Business Dress Code


In the summer you can substitute the classic pantsuit with more colorful versions of it such as bright lemon or fuchsia. Don’t forget that pantsuit still leaves room for fluctuations: use either the bright blouse or add a pair of bright ballet flats.

Midi Skirt:

Midi skirt could also be a great part of suit under the office dress code. You can combine it with both shirts or T-shirts being tucked inside, and blouses. The stylish accent in this look would be a massive necklace. As long as you use pastel colors, your image will remain professional.


While being popular in 80’s, slacks are back in fashion. Pastel and snow-white versions of slacks would be a classical part of business dress code.


If it is constant hassle for you to walk on the heels, remember the loafers. In combination with non classical pantsuit and printed blouse, it will be a perfect match for the office. However, try to stay in the borders of 3 colors or keep the similar color tone.

Business Dress Code
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