Summer Style Dos & Don’ts: Men’s Shorts

The warm weather in summer allows men to wear shorts on their holidays as well as for daily activities, but there are some basics which are to be remembered

In winter most men wear jeans, trousers or other garments which fully cover their legs to protect them against the biting cold, but in summer they can afford to take more risks and have a greater choice in selecting garments, and shorts are some of the most popular garments worn by men. So though men are free to choose and wear whichever shorts they prefer, there are some basic tips that they should remember while selecting and wearing shorts to avoid fashion disasters which can make them look ridiculous.

Summer Style Dos & Don’ts_Men’s Shorts

Summer Style Dos & Don’ts_Men’s Shorts

Mens Shorts are available in a variety of fabrics like cotton, linen blends, denim, madras or seersucker   . The length of the shorts should be selected based on the height of the wearer. For taller men, the length of the shorts should reach the knees but for shorter men, it is advisable that the shorts length is such that it ends an inch or two above the knees.  This will make their legs look longer. It is not advisable to wear very short shorts, as they look vulgar, except on men with very good legs. If the shorts are longer than the knees, they will look like half pants. The edge of the shorts may be rolled up if needed

Since the shorts are mainly worn on informal occasions, it is not advisable to spend much money on the shorts, limiting the amount spent to $40. Many men can economize and saving money if they want a new pair of shorts by using their old long pant which they no longer use. They can simply cut off the lower end of the pant, which may be damaged or frayed themselves or using the services of a tailor, to get a new pair of shorts of the length they prefer. Printed shorts should be avoided, since they will limit the top or shirts that can be worn. It is advisable to buy shorts in sober colors like navy blue, grey, black, brown, beige, white or olive as they can be used with shirts of different patterns and colors.

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