SVEVO Parma – A Brief Lookup

Story of SVEVO

The garment SVEVO brand is a precious art of knitwear which rediscovers the ancient trends. Nicola Somma is the pioneer of this art who is a garment merchant arrived into the town in 1892. His art of garments travelled for four generations through today and the garments branded under SVEVO was handmade products.

The SVEVO Knitewear Factory

The SVEVO Knitewear Factory

Knitwear factory

In the city of Bari, Nicola started selling knitwear effectively and started many wholesale and retail stores. Most of the Italian people love to purchase the SVEVO branded knitwear for their vacation. In 1995, his son Mario started the company SVEVO dedicated to manufacturing the knitwear for men. He hired local craftsmen to manufacture the knitwear products in his companyand all were handmade products.

Women’s knitwear

The SVEVO knitwear garments were of high quality because all the products in the factory were handmade. Mario also found the women’s knitwear brand ELETTRA in the same year. Most of the women’s knitwear magazines reports says that ELETTRA as the best knitwear product. They found the product is of high quality because of the production unit and the efficiency of the workers.

Development of SVEVO

Nicola started his new branch outside Parma in Fidenza and started manufacturing his knitwear products there. The company achieved its goals after manufacturing knitwear products in place for 20 years. They found many ways to extend their factories of knitwear globally and achieved their goal.

 Development in fourth generation

In 2008, the company redesigned all its knitwear products and achieved success in their step. The company got many reviews from the global customers about their new products. The knitwear products rediscovered were of high quality. They were handmadeand the product achieved a height in the fourth generation. The company is rediscovering the ancient knitwear products with its brand name SVEVO. They are achieving a lot in the knitwear products throughout Italy and globally.

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