T-shirts for Selfie Lovers

In today’s world all teenagers are always worried about their selfies! Everyone wants to look cool in self pictures. Oh my God and you can update your selfie anytime and as many times you want! To look good in every selfie one should have nice things to wear. So, the Central Saint Martins-trained designer, Timur Kim has launched his T-shirts, a collection for all, exclusive limited edition range. The prominent feature of this collection is that all tees will have prints around the neck region. How thoughtful! In selfie-obsessed generation who care what you wear below your shit! No doubt that this designer is from Saint Martins, graduated when he was only 22 and has to be a star student!

This 25 year old designer who is a combination of Russian and Korean said, “When you’re doing a selfie, you capture only the face and the area below the neck. What makes these shirts perfect for taking selfies is that all the designs are concentrated around this area. Everything is in the right place for the photograph.” Only youngsters can understand their generation well isn’t it?

T-shirts for Selfie Lovers 1

‘Selfie-focused fashion’ as defined by the star designer has launched in an all made-by-hands range. The current generation which is always glued to iPhone is surely going to love it! Great marketing concept, isn’t it? Kim himself is not great fan of ‘Selfies’, and is little secretive about personal life. But he admits that ‘selfie’ is in thing in today’s world! He knows ‘selfies’ define people and hence planned to design something for young generation.

This new collection comes in three styles, the tops prices ranging from £100 and they are offered on Kim’s website. Please do not misunderstand this collection with Kim Kardashian West’s collection that also focuses selfies. Kim was completely oblivious about tome was also up to the same!

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