Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour outfits

The much awaited ‘1989’ tour of Taylor Swift has begun and as usual as we had expected her outfits looks glorious and stunning as always. If you wish to get all the details on her glittering costume changes we help you with all the detail involved.

There is simply no doubt about the fact that Taylor Swift, 25, surely has all the knowledge about “Style” and she has again made her wonderful mark with her latest tour. Probably by now, Taylor has rocked a wide array of times and we are completely spell bound with each and every style that she has sported so far. Swifties, it’s time to get all the inside details of the‘1989’ Tour Outfits of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour outfits

 Tay is back in action and together with her singing style is rocking the fashion arena too. The “Style” singer on May 6 onwards started her rocking 1989 World Tour in Tokyo, Japan, and all we wish for is capturing every moment for real!

Well for now, all that we are doing is admiring her strikingly wonderful concert costumes and she sure does have an exclusive collection. There is no doubt that she ended up looking dazzling in practically every outfit that she wore!

Rainbow sequined jacket, a lame skirt blue in color together with black bustier this is one of the fun outfit that Tay had worn. The rainbow sequins simply look ideal for a concert setting while the skirt looks trendy and so much fun reminding us of the ’80s throwback style. Well once Tay went ahead and ripped off her jacket, there was no looking back as she looked anytime hotter and joyfully danced in her own tunes.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour outfits 3

Silver sequin jacket along with purple colored zebra skirt and black bustier was quite similar to the first outfit however the jacked had a bit of a toned down appeal together with grey sequins. She completely turned everyone into a party mood with those well blended black zebra-printed skirt!

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