The Best Fashion Style Of Ashley And Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen twins Ashley and Mary-Kate are popular celebrities who have their own very distinctive fashion style which is widely discussed worldwide.

The celebrity olsen twins mary-kate and ashley are popular celebrities  who are often seen together at many functions in the entertainment industry. They have their own unique sense of fashion, which makes popular with fashion stylist, their fans worldwide, photographers as well as online and offline media. Their fashion style has been discussed in popular magazines such as style as their looks and dressing sense has improved over a period of time. Mary-kate olsen was featured on the cover of elle magazine some time back.

Fashion Style of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

One of the most commented appearances of mary-kate and ashley olsen was at the met gala of 2014. Both the twins opted for conservative vintage gowns in dark colors and flowing fabrics which were a reminder of another era centuries ago. One gowns was made of black silk like material, with narrow white stripes, while the other gown was made from navy blue material , decorated with golden buttons at the pockets and at cuffs, for easy adjustment. An attractively designed silver colored necklace complemented the black gown, while large pearl earrings were worn with the flowing navy blue gown.. Both the gowns had full sleeves, which fully covered their arms, a refreshing change from most fashion today.

However, it was their hairstyles which probably attracted the most media attention. Most celebrities leave their hair open for major events, but both the olsen twins had tied their hair in a ponytail which is both comfortable as well as distinctive.

As they celebrate their 28th birthday on June 13, 2014, it is obvious that the twins who have been usually photographed together have a very conservative dressing style unlike most popular celebrities today. At the CFDA fashion awards which took place on June 2, 2014, these young celebrities were conservatively dressed as usual, wore full length black dresses by the Row, which were complemented by dangling emerald stone earrings.

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