The Best Homemade Remedies for Blackheads

Teenagers now get the curiosity to know the best homemade remedies to treat blackheads without side effects. They love to have clear smooth skin always.

Sufferers of blackheads have to steam their face whenever they use a face mask or scrub. The main purpose to steam the skin is to make the ingredients of homemade remedies to cure blackheads effective.  They can follow suitable home remedies to successfully treat blackheads and also consider the best tool to remove blackheads.

Homemade Remedies for Blackheads

Lemon Peel

They can take a lemon peel and rub their face to remove blackheads within a short period. Even though they feel a little irritation because a lemon, they can get a good result as awaited.

Baking Soda

As an effective treatment for any category of blackheads, the baking soda gets recognized among those who engage in the home remedies for blackheads.  This is advisable to take two teaspoons of baking soda and mix it with mineral water to make a paste.  Youngsters can apply this paste on the affected area and the rinse off with warm water. They can prefer this remedy twice a week to get the best outcome.


People who are in adolescent years can prefer the combination of yogurt and oatmeal to keep up their skin without blackheads. They can make a paste of juice of four tomatoes, honey, and oatmeal. They have to apply this paste on the affected area and scrub it. They can wash after ten minutes to get clear skin easily.

Green Tea

Young people who have blackheads can choose a paste of dry green leaves and water. They can scrub this paste over the affected areas for three minutes. The potential of this scrub clean the oily skin efficiently. They can rinse of this paste with lukewarm water.  People prefer green tea in their routine life can increase their healthiness easily.

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