The Bucket Hat – That ole chapeau is back in town!

The bucket hat is back! And none other than our own style icon, RiRi, is lending cried to the trend. Rihanna was spotted on more than one occasion sporting a bucket hat. Other celebrities proudly toting their bucket hats are Justin Bieber, Smiley Cyrus, Susie Lay, Mia Moretti, Eliza Doolittle and Pharrel.

The bucket hat seems  atavistic, a throwback to hill-billy times where your typical farmhand or fisherman was shown with a stalk of grass stuck between gaping buck teeth, in work clothes, floppies, and, you guessed it – a bucket hat. So how come it’s now a fashion statement?

The Bucket Hat - That ole chapeau is back in town

The ’80s did see the likes of Samuel L Jackson and LL Cool J flaunt their bucket hats. For a while they did catch the attention of fashionistas who were fed up of the ubiquitous All-American baseball cap worn every which way. Chris Brown thinks it cool to show off his bucket hat in his singles video Loyal.

This Spring/Summer 2014 ramps had plenty of bucket hats – Whistles put them up with their ensembles. These hats figured both in high-fashion and old-skool styles.

 So now that the bucket hat is here to stay, how does one carry it off without looking like a clown? We give you a few hints.

  • Don’t turn the peak up.
    • I should have said “never”. If you do you’ll end up looking like a toddler.
  • Don’t make the brim flop down.
    • Making the brim floppy defeats the look of the bucket hat style which banks on its structure and framing of the face.
  • Don’t wear a waterproof bucket hat with chin straps.
    • Ugh! Leonardo DiCaprio looked 40 years older with this dowdy bucket hat.
  • Don’t wear it on a coif like Princess Anne did.
  • Do glam up.
    • Accessory with trendy chic totes, shoes, striking lipstick, trendy dresses. RiRi had other things besides her bucket hat to carry her through.

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