The Different Shades of Chambray Fabric

Chambray fabric is one of the more popular alternatives to the widely used denim fabric, combining the toughness of denim fabric with the color variation needed by fashion designers.

Most people think that chambray fabric and denim can be used interchangeably, but there are some subtle differences which few people are aware of. Though the fiber used for making both chambray and denim are the same, there is a significant difference in the construction of the fabric as well as the color.

Chambray Fabric and Denim

Chambray Fabric and Denim

Denim has a 3X1 pattern, while chambray has a 1X1 weave pattern, which affects the design of the fabric. Denim is made by dipping the fabric in indigo dye 40 times to give it , its distinctive color, while chambray is dipped only three times in indigo dye.

Hence the chambray fabric is available in a far larger range of variations in color as the dyeing process of the fabric is incomplete. Depending on the process as well as the material that is used, the fabric may completely change in color to blue, or there may be streaks of white in the blue fabric.

Variety of garments available in chambray fabric

Variety of garments available in chambray fabric

The variations in the color of the chambray fabric can be exploited by fashion designers to create one of a kind garments like jeans, skirts, shorts, hot pants, jackets  as well as garment accessories like handbags, tote bags, purses, sling bags, backpacks.

While a variety of garments, accessories and home furnishings are available in chambray fabric, it is also popular with hobbyists and designers who wish to buy the fabric to design accessories, furnishing and garments themselves. There are a number of stores online as well as offline, which stock the different shades of chambray, which the buyer can choose from depending on his or her requirement. The variants in chambray fabric may start from dark navy blue to a mixture of white and blue for fabrics where the dyeing in indigo process is only partially complete.

The Different Shades of Chambray Fabric-FI
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