The First Underwear Made By Real Human Hair

Believe it or not, Nina Sparr, a lady hailing from the Swedish decent, literally uses real and authentic human hair to make some of the most unique and outstanding products!

Now this is what we refer to as getting really creative and Nina Sparr does it just the right way! Probably she might have stunned this multi-million pound industry by creating female undergarments by such a unique product.

She really wanted to make something outstandingly exceptional and she came out with the idea of manufacturing undergarments and that also with 100% human hair. The hair by which she makes these products is sourced from all around the country to her.

The First Underwear Made By Real Human Hair 1

Also in one of the Swedish websites named, Expressen, she also said that the best part about 100% human hair is that it is pure and does not have anything mixed. She said that it is in the most pure form and not even colored.

She also stated that the hair with which she makes undergarments is genuine and without any kind of mixture. She said that she got these hairs from her clients and from different salons all around the country as she has been working with them regularly and full time. This is why she is sure about the authenticity of these hairs as she personally knows where they come from.

She also stated that so far she will not be taking on Ann Summers as the pants that she has manufactured so far are pretty much safe and they have been tested by several models, this makes her products indisputable and safe.

She also stated that a little bit of hair will come out just like newly cut hair which comes out and sticks down.

She also now has plans to work on wide array of products such as paintings, jewelry and purses as well.

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