The highly diverse fashion movements i.e. the street fashion

The fashions which do not emerge from studios is the street fashion and this is the fashion developed from the grassroots, this fashion is creating a buzz.


This is the fashion which is associated with the youth culture and the multiple simultaneous highly diverse fashion movements are often regarded as the mainstream fashion. The street fashion from the US, the UK, most parts of Europe and Japan are very well known and some of the street fashion dresses in these places include:

• Hippies – This category includes flared trousers, flower power, long hair and psychedelic imagery.

• Punk fashion – This is the latest fashion with provocative T-shirt slogans, bondage, Mohican hairstyle, safety pins and ripped clothing.

• Some of the urban outfits which include large accent jewelry, colorful apparel, skinny jeans.

• The Feminine style where the floral prints, the sunglasses, hats are quite popular.

• And most importantly the Hip Hop fashion where the Ultra baggy pants, NIKE, Sean Jean is enhancing the fashion industry.



A versatile shitshow was presented by the crowds with some of the massive collectWearing Men’s Suit with Jeans_1ion in the Street Style at the Supreme Spring/Summer 2014 Drop in NYC, US. During the Spring/Summer 2014 season the dudes rocked with the finest outfits and flooded the area outside the NYC shops. A single dope outfit was not missed on the streets of NYC by the street style photographers. The Street style fashion in Paris last year created a magic and 14 piece collection were introduced which included very dope varsity jackets, hoodies and T-shirts. One of the most stylish cities in Europe is definitely Paris and there are some of the young and skillful fashion designers. The African American youth with their crazy hip hop fashion and this kind of fashion can be observed in Houston, Los Angeles, Detriot and New York city.


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