The rise of Craig Green

Fashion critics discuss the meteoric rise of London based young fashion designer Craig Green, who specializes in designing unique outfits for men.

Men’s fashion designer Craig Green who has recently released his third fashion collection MAN at the London collections: A man has attained fame in a relatively short period of time. The designer has become popular for his unique and one of kind fashion designs, which are often controversial. The tabloid press has often criticized him for his unconventional designs, but he has realized that while there will be some critics; there are others who will appreciate his designer outfit. He works with a close knit team of designers to create his outfits.

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Unlike many other designers, he feels that the fashion shows where he displays his outfits should be a memorable event, for all those who attend or watch it, and that very few other designers like John Galliano make a similar effort for their fashion shows. In contrast to most other designers who use expensive fabrics like silk for the designer garments, he strongly believes in using relatively inexpensive fabrics like calico, muslin cheesecloth and mohair for his outfits, using his skills to transform the fabrics into designer garments.

These fabrics are tie dyed using natural pigment by Craig green and his team to convert them into textiles suitable for making their garments. Their first collection of designer garments was made of calico which was hand painted, reducing the cost significantly compared to other designers. He said that since he was based in London, the cost of producing the fabrics was already much higher, but by producing all the textiles that were used in-house, they were able to cut costs significantly. For the spring summer 2014 collection, 450 meters of fabric was tie dyed in a process that took them three days, but the effort was worthwhile.

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