The Wrap Dress for women

The wrap dress is in fashion, both for the ease of wearing the wrap dress and design which makes it suitable for women of all ages and sizes.

Most women wear conventional shirts, skirts, dresses which are worn by pulling up or pulling down the garment to the desired location. This can inconvenient as some effort has to be made to wear these clothes, which is inconvenient when a person is unable to use both his arms due to an accident or injury. During the process the clothes may also hurt the injury. Also the prestitched garments may be based on standard dimensions/sizes of women, and may not fit women of all ages, who could find it too lose or too tight. Hence a wrap dress which is wrapped across the body is the most convenient garment to wear in such cases.

The Wrap Dress for Women

The Wrap Dress for Women

The wrap dress as the name suggests is wrapped across the body of the wearer and then secured today using a fixing arrangement consisting of either conventional buttons, hooks, velcro or a tying arrangement. It allows the wearer to adjust the dress according to her body contours, to attain a perfect fit. A subset is the wrap skirt which is similar to the wrap dress but only covers the lower half of the body. The cut and design of the wrap dress is very important, as it should be able to fit on women of all sizes and shapes, and should remain securely fitted on the body as she goes about her daily routine.

Before commercial stitching equipment was available, a majority of the garments used in the ancient world were older versions of the wrap dress, which involved using draping fabrics across the body and then securing the garment to prevent it falling off using some kind of fastening arrangements like knots or pins. The same philosophy is followed today, only the wrap dress designer has a greater choice of materials to ensure that the dress remains in shape, like velcro, hooks or buttons.

Usually flowing fabric materials like silk, cotton or linen are more suitable for wrap dresses as they can be easily shaped according to the body contours. So though the wrap dress is more difficult to wear compared to a prestitched gown, it is often the best choice for women with an unconventional body.

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