Three Bizarre Make-up Trends to Avoid

Generally we get to notice some of the weirdest of make-up trends coming from designer runways. And everything here seems to be at the maximum haute level! On the runways quite lately we did notice quite a number of blown up and embellished look. However, when you try to bring these runways looks into your everyday fashion trend, they don’t look quite inviting. In fact, they look quite strange and over the top!

Here are a few of the fashion trends that you must not even try getting close to. And it would be great if you left them at the runway.

1. Blinged out Brows: For quite some time now we notice that eyebrows with a bold touch take a centre stage and dominated the beauty look section. However, we did notice that recently embellished eyebrows are all over the place. Be it Fendi’s gold and silver leafy creations or Chanel’s blown up brows, there is no doubt that it is definitely in and the ‘thing’ these days. However, it would be great if you left it for the runway make up shows. It would look extremely strange if you add it to your everyday look.

Three Bizarre Make-up Trends to Avoid

2. Pink Eye: At the 2013 New York Fashion Week at Donna Karan’s spring collection, sizzling pink lashes and lids did make a huge constructive impression! But if you tried to pick this trend and try it at home, people will definitely think that you are suffering from a case of pink eye. Let people not think you are contagious and it would be best to let professionals handle this makeup trick!

Three Bizarre Make-up Trends to Avoid 1

3. Face Stickers: Well, it was commenced by Chanel. However, these days we notice quite dazzling and overstated stickers, which have a lace like tinge, making a huge mark at fashion events. It would look thrilling and fun if you were at high school and go with these trends but at the moment it is not quite a good idea to go for!

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