Three Weird Bizarre beauty and fashion trends

Do you find it hard to understand the hipster fashion which related itself to Oliver Twist-esque urchin look? Are you interested to know the two toned new hair trend which is known as ‘omber’? This ‘omber’ is the ‘in’ thing among celebs today. Through these strange and wacky trends which have escalated from all around the world.

The Pollution Masks:

Three Weird Bizarre beauty and fashion trends

Well, this is from China and it is regarded as a facial accessory! These set of masks first started as a more practical and productive application which was to save one from the deadly fumes lingering around in polluted cities. It was also to preserve one’s lungs from getting infected. However with time, this changed into some kind of a mini-style statement. And these masks are available in different patterns as well as designs from famous brands such as Louis Vuitton!

Extraocular Implants:

Three Weird Bizarre beauty and fashion trends 2

We have so far heard about eyes being a window to one’s soul. And now you can definitely consider these latest trendy implants as being the dressing for those windows. These are little pieces of jewelry in metallic form like Euro signs, flowers, stars and harts which are positioned right below the cornea. Around ten years down the line, this style was first commenced in Netherlands and well this is the only place where this kind of style statement is considered legal as ophthalmologists are the ones who perform these risky procedures.

Now the Bird Poop Facials:

Three Weird Bizarre beauty and fashion trends 1

This is one proof which proves that organic things are taken way too seriously! This particular approach has been borrowed by the geishas, who, at one point of time, would utilize nightingale droppings as a form of natural exfoliation. These days you will come across many fancy parlors from Hollywood to Tokyo using this technique along with ultraviolet light. Experts consider ultraviolet light as a natural process to sanitize your skin!

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