Tiger Woods Plans To Open His Restaurant In 2015

Tiger Woods is expanding his skill set! The fashionable athlete is leaving golf course getting into the restaurant business as soon as 2015! As reported by The Palm Beach Post, the 38-year-old professional is opening his first ever restaurant, which may carry title “The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club.” The restaurant is studded with features involving outdoor seating as well as valet parking. The restaurant is expected to become a popular hangout place for nearby residents in the area of Jupiter Island, Fla. While talking to local media, Woods said that he wants his restaurant to be place where people can meet their friends, watch sports and have good food too! He also said that he is keen to build in the area where he resides and thereby supporting community.

Tiger Woods Plans To Open His Restaurant In 2015 1

We all know he suffered back injuries and the golf pro also undergone microdiscectomy surgery so as to relive the nerve pressure which he had on his back and legs. Because of this major surgery, he had to let go three months of competitions, which included this year’s two main ones. He expressed his feelings as he said when first came out of PGA tour; he sued to run 30 miles every week. He has done it for years and he would still run five to six miles every day. Because of the injury, he cannot keep doing the same. He admits that we have to adjust ourselves in the journey of life. He further said that, “But I still want to feel explosive, I still want to feel strong and mobile.”

It is quite clear that at least in recent times he is not going to play golf and not going to leave it forever too! But he is getting ready for different challenge in his life. He said, “I look forward to enjoying my restaurant as much as I hope the public will,” The Hungry fans as well as interested customers can enjoy the taste as the club will soon open in 2015!

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