Tina Turnbow Focuses On the Rising Trend of Blue Eyeliner

Beautify Your Eyes with Tina Turnbow. Yes, this makeup artist of celebrities opens up her ideas on the trends of blue eyeliners nowadays. She says that you can make your eyes looking amazing and attractive by using blue eyeliners. Recently Tina Turnbow has styled Taylor Schilling with her amazing makeup sense. And the artist uses blue eyeliners to match the eye makeup with the dress of Taylor.

As per Tina, now the time has come to make a change in your regular and age old black and brown eye liner. You can give a break to these common colors and instead op for blue eyeliners that will accentuate the beauty and wideness and sharpness of your eyes. The electric look of Taylor Schilling has been seen when Taylor stopped in SiriusXM to pose for the camera on July 31. She was really looking stunning. Her eye makeup has been to complement the dress and bring that amazing look to her.

Tina Turnbow Focuses On the Rising Trend of Blue Eyeliner 1

Taylor flaunts a bright but smart Roland Mouret dress that was color blocked. Appreciating the dress of Taylor for her makeup inspiration for the actress, Tina says, “Taylor’s dress was a great inspiration.” Tina also adds “The bold colors and the neckline inspired me to go with a simply-done colored eye and soft lips and cheeks.”

The star of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ smartly shows her sense of fashion in her choice of her outfit. Tina also shares her tips and in fact her ways to beauty your eyes with blue eyeliners like Taylor. She says, she has first focused on the lash lines and the rims by lining them on their top as well as bottom. Then she smudges the lines using a brush for blurring the edges, and this has softened the look. For the next step Tina says, “I then pulled the liner out at the corner of the eye to give it a more almond shape.” And she applies mascara after curling Taylor’s lashes.

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