Tips for Hair coloring at Home

Women may prefer to color their hair at home to change their appearance instead of going to a parlor, and some tips for doing so are provided below.

Women of all ages will often want to change the natural color of their hair to alter their appearance or for looking younger. Though beauty parlors and hair salons have specialists for coloring their hair, it is often expensive and inconvenient as many women do not have time to visit a parlor which is some distance away from home. Hence many women prefer to color their hair at their own convenient time in the comfort of their homes, and this also inexpensive. Some tips for hair coloring at home using the hair color packs available are discussed.

Tips for Hair coloring at Home

Mix dye and reagent completely
The hair dye or hair color by most major brands consists of two parts a liquid part and a powder. These have to be mixed thoroughly to form the hair color, which then has to be applied to the hair. It is important that the dye and reagent are mixed properly so that the end solution has the desired chemical composition.

Use a hair brush or gloves
While gloves can be used to protect the hands from the hair color, it is not advisable to apply the hair color directly with the gloves. Using a hair dye brush will ensure that the color is distributed uniformly on the hair, coloring the hair from the root of the strands.

Follow instructions for usage
For most hair color brands, the instructions for use will specify that the hair color has to be kept on the hair for a particular length of time. Do not exceed this time period, for dyeing the hair, as the hair will get damaged. If used for a shorter period of time, the hair will not be colored as required.

Test the hair dye
It is advisable to test any hair dye for a short period of time, usually 48 hours, to check if the skin reacts adversely to the hair dye, due to allergic reaction

Hair color
It is relatively difficult to color black hair, compared to color hair of any other color.

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