Tips For making Homemade Facial Scrubs

Increasingly women and men are judged on the basis of their appearance, and the quality of the skin can be improved significantly using facial scrubs.

Compared to even a decade ago, men and women are judged on the basis of their appearance. While for men, their professional competence matters, for most women, their character and success depends on how good looking they are, few people bother to check if the person is really honest.  Recognizing this many women pay a lot of attention to their appearance, and the facial skin is an important factor in judging the overall beauty of a woman. Over time, the skin will become dirty, wrinkled, having blackheads and whiteheads due to accumulation of dirt and oil in the pores. Facial scrubs are a good way of getting rid of all the accumulated dirt to clean the skin.

Homemade Facial Scrubs

While there are many beauty parlors which offer facial scrubs these are expensive and inconvenient since the woman has to find time to visit the beauty parlor for the facial scrub. An alternate way to get a facial scrub is by purchasing expensive facial scrubs from cosmetic companies or making a homemade facial scrub by using easily available ingredients at home. The homemade facial scrub will cost a fraction of the alternative facial scrubs, but will be inexpensive and less likely to have any side effects as the naturally occurring ingredients are used.

One easy homemade facial scrub involves using oatmeal. Oatmeal is mixed with water to form a paste, which is then applied to the skin. After the paste dries, it is washed away. Another homemade facial scrub using similar methods involves mixing 2 tablespoons of cornmeal and applying it to the face. After the paste dries off, wash it off with a wet cloth. A third homemade facial scrub will consist of cucumber, yogurt, honey and water. Half a cucumber will be made into a paste with honey, yoghurt and water, and the paste will be applied to the face. Like other scrubs, a damp wash cloth can be used to remove the paste after drying.

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