Top 4 Hottest Female Wrestlers

1. Trish Stratus – Born in December 18, 1975, Trish is a television personality, Canadian professional wrestler, and an actress. She initiated her career as a fitness model and in the episode of Sunday Night Heat on March 19, 2000, she made her debut for World Wrestling Federation. She started her very own show known as Stratusphere in 2008 and in 2013 in WWE Hall of Fame she was enshrined.

Top 4 Hottest Female Wrestlers 2

2. Stacy Keibler – Stacy Keibler the American actress and model, who was also an ex Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader, was born in October 14, 1979. She was a former valet and professional wrestler and best known for her commendable work in World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). In the second Dancing with the Stars season she was also one of the contestants and she came third in the contest. She had also appeared in several ABC shows such as George Lopez, What About Brian, and October Road. In WCW as a part of Nitro Girls she started her wrestling career however soon got to the position as the manager of the company as Miss Hancock.

STACY KEIBLER at Golden Globe Awards

3. Velvet Sky: Jamie Szantyr is an American professional who was born in the year June 2, 1981, and is quite well known for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Outside TNA she works as Talia Madison. At the House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo, before making her big debut, she was trained under Kevin Landry and Jason Knight. In the Smartasses Top 100 Sexiest Women List in 2011, she was listed #87 and in 2012 she was listed #79.

Top 4 Hottest Female Wrestlers

4. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch

This beautiful wrestling manager from America was born in December 7, 1972. She is also an occasional and personality wrestler. She is quite well known as “Sunny” during 1990s, in the area of World Wrestling Federation, and is known to be one of the first Divas of the wrestling world. She had also performed well for the titles Ring of Honor, World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Top 4 Hottest Female Wrestlers 3

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