Top 5 Beard Styles 2014

Men have worn a beard for both convenience as well as fashion, and the popular beard styles this year in 2014 are described in this article

For most men, hair grows naturally on their chins, and having a beard is convenient as they do not have to shave their beard regularly to keep the chin free of hair. While they can let their hair on their chin grow naturally and trim it whenever convenient, hairstylists have introduced a number of fashionable beard styles in 2014 to suit men of all ages, face shapes and occupations, which men can follow for a stylist look.

Some of the popular hair styles are discussed below

French fork beard style:

French fork beard style

One of the most popular and stylish beard cuts for men, there are many variations such as the full chin french cut, half chin french cut. The beard hair just below the mouth is shaved off, while the hair on the rest of the chin is allowed to grow. Some maintenance needed.

Duck tail beard style:

Duck tail beard style

Suitable for men with longer faces, for this beard the hair is allowed to grow only on parts of the chin, with a tuft of hair immediately below the lips. Regular maintenance required.

Van dyke beard style:

Van dyke beard style

This beard style is suitable for men of all ages, and improves the appearance of men with round faces. It is very elegant style, with a thin shadow of hair on the face. Requires regular maintenance so that the hair does not overgrow on the face.

Zappa Beard style:

Zappa Beard style

This covers the growth of hair on the entire chin, and a number of variations in this style of beards is available. there may be a single clump of hair on the chin, or multiple clumps of hair on the chin. A relatively low maintenance hairstyle.

Petti coatee beard style:

Petti coatee beard style

This beard style is popular with youngsters who are growing their beard for the first time, a natural style for men, using the normal growth of hair on the chin, requires less maintenance.

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