Top 5 Fashion Summer Bags

Summer is travel and holiday season in many parts of the world, and choosing the top 5 summer bags can make a holiday simpler and more convenient.

One of the most important aspects of traveling is carrying all the necessary clothes, accessories and documents safely and conveniently to the destination and back, without losing anything. Some of the factors to be considered while selecting bags are the storage space, design and price of the bag.

Top 5 Fashion Summer Bags_FI

Hence it is important to choose the right bag for summer, and this list of top 5 summer bags will make the choice easier to a large extent as they combine style with utility and fashion.

• Canvas bag: H&M Canvas Bag, biege in color with black prints, this canvas beach bag is ideal for beach holidays, picnics and other occasions. This extremely affordable bag costs less than ten dollars, and can be easily washed whenever needed to remove any dirt or stains

• Totebag: Deena and Ozzy Neon Tote is a pink tote bag, with a brown handle and closing flap, suitable for both formal as well as informal occasions to match the clothes worn. The reasonably priced tote costs only $49.

• Confetti bag: Natasha couture confetti bag is an intricately designed and colorful bag suitable for parties and similar occasions where a dash of color is needed. This beautiful bag is relatively expensive at $138

• Backpack: Snob Essentials the runway backpack, the attractively designed backpack in a light shade of blue, is expensive compared to many other bags, but is well designed and allows all items to be conveniently packed and carried as needed, especially on holiday.

• Clutch: Asos New look watermelon clutch an extremely affordable clutch costing just $19, this red and green clutch with black seed markings in the shape of a watermelon slice, is both fashionable and convenient to carry.

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