Top 5 Fuss-Free Curly Hairstyles

Many women with curly hair find it difficult to style their hair, but there are some easy hairstyles available which are both quick and fashionable.

Many women with curly hair tend to straighten it using hair straighteners so that it is more manageable, but there are many convenient hairstyles available which are both fashionable and do not take up much time.

Fuss-Free Curly Hairstyles

Mahogany curls:

Mahogany curls

This hairstyle is suitable for a night out, and involves straight hair at the crown with curly ends. Hair should be dried with a towel after shampooing. A curl cream should be applied to the ends of the hair and then the hair can be dried with a blow drier and diffuser. A comb should be used to straighten the hair at its roots. A mousse may be applied at the root. This hairstyle is suitable for hair which is not very curly at the roots and for faces which are heart shaped.

Curly angle:

Curly angle

The angled curly bob cut which is very stylish can be achieved by applying a texturizing gel, blow drying with a diffuser, and placing curls accordingly, securing them with pins. A frizz fighting serum should also be applied. Suitable for longer faces like oval faces, thicker hair is required for this hairstyle.

Pinned up curls:

Pinned up curls

This hairstyle will make the face look thinner. Shampoo and condition the hair, dry with towel, blow dry with a diffuser and dryer. After hair is dried, apply pins to sections of the hair and apply a hairspray. This hairstyle is suited for almost all face shapes, works best with thick hair for parties and nights out.

Volume hairstyles:

Volume hairstyles

It can be worn for both informal occasions like parties and to office. After applying a curl cream, blow drying, create sections which are secured with a clip and pushed together to create a volume. Curl creams can be used to separate curls. Oval and heart shaped faces are most appropriate for this hairstyle.

Half up hairstyle:

Half up hairstyle

It keeps the hair away from the face and highlights the curls. The dry hair is gathered into a ponytail and secured with a bobby pin, clip or elastic band. A hairspray is used to set the hairstyle.

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