Top 5 Hollywood’s Best Braided hairstyles

Though not as glamorous as other hairstyles, braids are very convenient and neat way of tying the hair up, and some of the braided hairstyles are discussed

A lot of maintenance is needed for hair when left lose, so braids though severe are favored by many women. In recent months, braids are back in fashion, with numerous celebrities spotted with very elaborate braids to enhance their public appearance.

Braided crown

The braided crown worn by Lea Michele

The braided crown worn by Lea Michele for the Late show with David Letterman consisted of five different braids which were combined together to form an intricate crown . This look was styled by celebrated hair stylist Sarah Potempa and worn with a fringe.

Braided updo

Kate Bosworth was seen in a braided updo


Kate Bosworth was seen in a braided updo which consisted of multiple braids which are combined together. Her stylist Bridget Brager starting one braid from the crown and other from the temple. These braids were then loosen to increase their volume, woven together to create an updo and pinned up to create the updo.

Side plait

Albas sexy side plait

Celebrity Jessica Alba was spotted in this side plait styled by Renato Campora. Her hair was parted to one side, and a thin braid like a corn row was made from the hair on the left hand side, after applying gel to her hair. The plait was routed so that it ended below the right side where the hair was left open.

Braided bun

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz was photographed in an elaborate braided bun, by hair stylist Gregory Russell . The hair was made into plaits which were then pinned on the other side of the head at the eye level, while the remaining hair in a pony tail was twisted into sections. Extensions were added for additional texture, and the braid was pinned around the bun.

Faux mohawk

Celebrity Kelly Osbourne

Celebrity Kelly Osbourne made the most of the limited hair on her head after a haircut by styling the remaining hair into a large number of small braids which were combined into a mohawk look. A large number of pins were needed for creating this unusual punk like look.

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