Choosing the right outfit and accessories on a date can make a difference between success and failure on a date, and some tips for the same are provided.

Dates are an occasion to know another person, who may be a potential life partner, better, and it is advisable to avoid making some mistakes, so that the date is a success.


Metal studs:

Jackets, shirts, suits and footwear, even from the best designers with metal studs should be avoided to the extent possible, as they can cause injuries. Normal plain leather outfits are recommended.


Most people associate camouflage with hunters and the military as they try to remain hidden while attacking the enemy. However, this reminder of gore and death, can affect the mood for the date, which is supposed to be a fun occasion, so it is advisable not wear an outfit with a camouflage pattern.

Neoprene, trendy or figure hugging outfits:

On a date a man should wear what he is comfortable with, not the latest trend , which may not be right for him like neoprene jackets, tight leather garments, skinny jeans, as they may make it difficult to breathe. Avoid wearing accessories which are difficult to remove.


While many men grow a moustache as a style statement, this may not be the right look for a date for some women. The man with the moustache looks like he has spent a lot of time on grooming himself, and may look creepy on some men.

Pinstripe suit:

Since dates are an occasion to know a person well, wearing a pinstripe suit can create the wrong impression on the date as they are extremely formal wear, suitable for office and other business occasions. On a date the pinstripe suit makes the man look like an actor in a comedy show or other comic character.

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