Top California Homes & Must Have Amenities

California is a diverse, stunning state that contains some of the world’s greatest cities. The golden coast has something for everyone, which is why it’s no wonder that so many of the richest and most influential people in the world call California their home. Their homes are stunning and their design choices admirable. Knowing which homes are the best, and, more importantly, what features help them stand apart from the rest can help you build or renovate your own stunning California dream home.


A Connection with Nature

The top Californian homes are harmonious with nature. Their organic designs and natural materials complement the landscapes that they are located in. With weather as beautiful as it is in California, and landscapes as stunning, who wouldn’t want to invite as much of that natural beauty into your home? You can implement this aspect into your own home by bringing in as much natural light as possible. Either refit your windows so that they are larger, or opt for French or sliding doors so that you can open up your home as much as possible when the weather is glorious.


Outdoor Space for Regular Socializing

Another key component of the best Californian homes is that they have outdoor space. This space can be an outdoor kitchen or living room, but the effect is always the same – they encourage their tenants to spend as much time outside as possible. You can start designing an outdoor kitchen that fits your property perfectly today and start enjoying more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather that California is renowned for.


Scandinavian Minimalism

As for the design aspects of Californian homes themselves, it’s all about that timeless Scandinavian minimalism. Combining the best of geometric design and natural materials, this design aesthetic matches the landscapes of California perfectly. Clean lines make even the smallest spaces more spacious, and the natural elements ground each property with its surroundings.


How to Find Your Own Perfect California Dream Home

Making all the changes to your current home will be a challenge, and if you are all for the Californian lifestyle, then there is no better time to start finding your dream home today. Find  stunning Pacific Palisades real estate to call your own, and make the changes it needs to become an art piece of its very own.


Tips for Designing and Financing Design Updates and Changes

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to own these stunning homes; you just need to be patient. The more purposeful you are with your design choices, the better you can be assured that the choices you make are going to last a lifetime. Not only can your patience help you finance it comfortably, but it will also help you find the perfect piece for every room. Treat your property like it is a lifelong project and you will spend a lifetime enjoying it and working to improve it.

There are so many lessons to be learned from the top Californian homes of today. Take their design elements and amenities to heart and choose the right design elements for you and your family.

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