Top trends of the coming fall season

Fall has arrived and there’s nothing anyone can do to take it away. We deserved fall. We have endured the summer and sweating in our best clothes heat, cursing our choice to live where there is moisture.

Top events of the season fall

The cool temperatures, layered clothing, darker colors and a style that lasts all day – this is our finest hour. So we obviously take this opportunity to write about it as often as possible, particularly in terms of beauty tips for fall that you can adopt in the coming months. (And then there was the winter you will be left to the eyebrows.

Keep your tweezers, friends, and forget the day when you are cut ultra thin eyebrows for your prom. In the fall of 2014, we turn to the models Cara Delevingne and as Emma Watson, who welcome fuller eyebrows with open arms.

Stop tweezers anything but single hairs (it will be a little frustrating the first few weeks, but it will be worth it), and fill with a powder and brush bevel or with an eyebrow pencil.

2. Dark lips

The fall of 2014 is already known for its dramatic shades and then applies them to your makeup routine parrying you dark and bold lips.

Rihanna has become so well known for its version of this trend it has recently signed an agreement with MAC to create a range of red inspired from his lips , while Michelle Williams uses his dark orange lips to create a contrast with his pale complexion in the photo shoot fall / winter Louis Vuitton.

Choose a shade and apply as much as you want, when you want. Just do not forget to reapply: a faded color can make you look as if you had fish out in the ocean.

3.  Bold – A line of eyeliner

The cat’s eye has never been “out” (and do not you let convince them otherwise), but with styles inspired by 50s and 60s we saw on the runways, we can see the classic look everywhere and throughout the world.

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