Top five obvious signs a guy is flirting with the girl

A girl feels ever wonder if some nice guy is flirting with her. There are some of the proven ways that will tell girls if the guys are interested in them.

With the help of these signs, a girl can easily find whether a guy is interested in her or not. If the girls are conscious on these top give obvious signs, they can easily find their love with a guy.

Obvious Signs a Guy Is Flirting with You-fi

Lovely smile:

A lovely smile is generally a famous and good sign of the guy if he is interested on a particular girl. When it comes to flirting, the lovely smile will make sure that a guy is interested in a girl. If a girl notices that he is smiling at her, there is a chance to find his love with her.

Shy blush:

If the girl has experienced that a guy blushes around the girl, it is one of the best signs he is demanding to flirt with a girl. Actually, shy guys blush with a girl if he loves her. When a shy guy sees a beautiful girl and loves her, he is doing blush with her.

Eye contact:

A direct eye contact between a guy and a girl is little bit tricky but worthy for finding the flirt. Eye contact is very important while communicating with others. Depending on the eye contact, a girl can easily find flirting with a guy.


Mirroring is another good sign a guy is flirting with a girl. Actually, this sign ranges from the mirroring blink rates to mirroring manner of speaking with a girl.

Hands on hips:

If the guy stands with his hands on the hips, he perhaps interested in a girl. It is a way of showing him as a confident man. Most of the brave men are using this sign while flirting with the girls.

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