Top Trends during spring season in 2014

Before it is much discussed about latest spring trends, it is generally significant to understand about colors for upcoming season.

However, there are so many companies which work with fashion industry as well as with the designers, have also introduced the latest and new colors which are on spring runway to get in the shades of lemon, melon, blue, yellow, violet, dark citron green, fuchsia red and also some neutral tones such as soft lavender and slate grey.

Top Trends during spring season in 2014

Neutral color Tones

Generally women love to use the neutral tones or color shades as there is abundance of versatility & elegance to every woman who understand that how to project fashion, style, elegance and sophistication with the perfect harmony of dressing in single neutral tone starting from your head till your toe. The neutral palette of spring is highly subdued than the previous season. Along with the updated trend you would see that how the white color is used as the neutral and how it can be mixed with the gold the season as we move ahead in summer months

Tops, Jackets & Blouses

There is no doubt that Jackets are cropped with the trench styles, the tailored blazers as well as the neutral pantsuits in the most astounding fabrics. After all, isn’t it that we usually notice the female who wears the most exquisite fabric with some details which may make the boring neutral color to come alive as well as to appear just smashing? For the weekend wear, the smock tops as well as blouses will also be in the metallic as well as matte tones which will add additional texture to the great pants of white summer.


You can look trendy and smashing by wearing the stylish and designer pants of neutral or pastel shades this season.


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