Top trends from Spring 2016 Street Style

If you want to see what really rocked in the red carpet and became an instant hit, you need to run through the Street style list. And you need to make an estimate of what actually hit the right note or simply the styles gone rogue.

We have collected a few of the high on style, street style ideas which took off on a high note, and were seen all over the streets of Paris, London, Milan and New York. Let’s have a look at what’s actually trending now during the Spring Fashion Time:

The Fringe Factor

Top trends from Spring 2015 Street Style

Well, in the Fall 2015 runway, we did notice lot of fringe styled apparels and accessories. And it seems like the boho-leaning show goers did hold on to it with open arms.

 The Loyal Fans

Top trends from Spring 2015 Street Style 1

No doubt one bag which did make it huge were the Chloe’s Drew bags. And these were available in a flotilla of vibrant colors, while the shoe that made a mark were towering brogues of Stella McCartney!

Not Over It

Top trends from Spring 2015 Street Style 2

Oh yes, overalls seem to be quite captivating, due to its staying power. Before anyone could realize girls were already clinging to the all-in-one while also looked chic and fashionable at the same time.

Millennial Madness all over

Top trends from Spring 2015 Street Style 3

However far and huge fashion reaches, the most omnipresent accessory for the time is the Smartphone without doubt. They simply want go out or anywhere without it. Every girl needs to keep in touch and know where her driver is!

All wrapped up

Top trends from Spring 2015 Street Style 4

In Fall 2014, a huge number of Burberry blanket coats was seen all over the runway together with Valentino’s boho well embellished version. These were there during the Parisian catwalk, last season, and possibly everyone had a wild feeling that poncho was about to rule the street. And there it was all proved right!

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