Top Trends in Designer Jeans for Men Going Viral

If you’re a denim lover, you probably have a whole closet full of streetwear jeans that you just can’t live without. Stylish mens jeans are a staple that’s become a mainstay in every man’s wardrobe. You don’t even have to love fashion to own a pair of mens designer jeans. But, for those of you that are obsessed with what’s trending, you’re probably wondering what styles of trendy mens jeans are worth scoring now.

Among thousands of bloggers, fashion editors, and style influencers posting selfies, you’ve probably seen several similar styles making an appearance across different social media platforms. There are so many influencers pushing brands and trends that it’s hard to sort out what’s a gimmick and what’s actually in trend. This is why we’ve sorted out which trends in mens fashion jeans are at the top of the trend ladder.

If you’re looking for cool jeans for guys that everyone wants right now, here are the top five trends in denim that you need to try.


  1. Side-Stripe Jeans

 Most commonly found on skinny jeans for men, side stripes are taking over not only jeans, but also joggers, shorts and pants. These designer jeans for men have that sweatpants look inspired by athleisure. However, side stripe jeans for men aren’t made for the gym, even if they look that way. You can rock these striped jeans with both going-out outfits and casualwear.


  1. Floral Embroidered Jeans

 Not every guy can pull off flowers, but floral-embroidered designer jeans for men are a different story. Embroidered jeans are taking over the Internet from ruby red roses to army green vines. If you love fine details on your trendy mens jeans, then embroidered jeans are the way to – regardless of fit and cut.


  1. Graphic Jeans

 Are you the type of denim guy that can’t possibly go out in a pair of solid blue jeans? Although they’re the standard, all-American look, it just doesn’t have quite the same effect as a pair of mens slim fit jeans with graphics. Moreover, the trend with these designer jeans for men are graffiti graphics that look like graffiti straight off the streets. If you like mens urban jeans, then graphic accents will match perfectly with mens streetwear, like trendy mens clothing from


  1. Animal Patched Jeans

 Even if you’re not a fan of mens colored jeans, there’s no way you can turn down a pair of embroidered patch jeans. Moreover, the current trend is all about animal patches. You might’ve seen this trend on the back of bomber jacket, but today’s cool jeans for guys are also taking a cue from outerwear trends. You can even find these designer jeans for men on stylish clothing stores like Differio with rooster and tiger patches for a standout look.


  1. Knee Ripped Jeans

 Ripped jeans for men are just as classic as blue jeans. They’re the one pair of mens fashion jeans you turn to when you need an outfit that’s both edgy and fashion forward. However, the latest trends blowing up on social media are designer jeans for men with knee rips. It’s slightly understated than completely shredded jeans, but still make a statement. Plus, these mens urban jeans are so versatile because the rips are strategically placed.

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