Top UK Makeup Brands

Makeup is increasingly an important part of the appearance of women of all ages, and UK has a number of affordable makeup brands offering a wide range of products.

Today the number of women wearing makeup has increased significantly, and in additional to conventional make up items like nail polish, lip stick, rouge, mascara, there is an increased demand for anti aging products which rejuvenate the skin and make it look younger.

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To cater to this increasing demand, there are a number of popular make up brands, some of which like Body shop are very well known, while others are lesser known as they are specializing in niche but very effective makeup products for older women

  • Bodyshop: One of the most famous brands of makeup in UK. They have a wide range of popular make up products like lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, rouge, lip gloss, mascara in different shades and colors. Many women use their makeup remover and moisturizer extensively.
  • Elemis: They have a range anti aging products which eliminates the tell tale signs of ageing. The products use natural active ingredients and their pro collagen cream is popular. This pro collagen cream makes the skin firmer, rejuvenates it , and is similar to a spa treatment dark
  • No 7: This is a well known makeup brand which includes the lift and laminate day and night serum, which has significantly reduced the dark shadows and spots which are common in older women. It also protects the skin from the signs of aging.
  • Lulu’s time bomb: The anti ageing skincare products from this brand are recommended. This improves the quality of the skin, makes it look younger, without much makeup, eliminating age spots and wrinkles on the face.
  • Crystal Clear: This brand is known for its eye pens, which stimulate the production of elastic and collagen, improving the composition of the skin. Impressed by the improvement noticed, many women use this eye pen to keep their skin young looking

Though these cosmetic brands are expensive, the quality of their products makes it worth the expense.

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