Trend Report: The Pink Coat Takes Over Fashion Week

The trend of the season is the pink coat which has retained its popularity with both celebrities and popular retailers with a variety of designs.

On the second day of the New York Fashion week, it was apparent that the pink overcoat retained its popularity with fashion bloggers, models and other celebrities, from Aimee song from song of style to Kate Bosworth. It was apparent that the pink coat popularity trend which was first noticed for the spring summer collection 2014 has extended till date. Earlier pink coats and outfits were usually reserved for wearing on Wednesday only, but now a large number of pink overcoats in different materials and designs are available for anyone interested.

The Pink Coat Takes Over Fashion Week1

The Brazilian blogger Helena Bordon was spotted in a layered outfit with a very light pink Ralph lauren turtleneck sweater, black leather leggings, a striped Zimmerman dress, but it was her bright pink Prada suit with large buttons which stole the show and were the most noticeable part of the outfit. The Karen Walkers spring summer 2014 collection included the relatively light weight rebirth trench coat in a tangerine shade, a variation of the classic trench coat, ideal for wearing over dress and other outfits during spring, when temperatures are higher.

The French TV host and journalist Alexandra Golovanoff was noticed wearing a long sleeved dusty pink overcoat with pockets, which added a neutral shade to the wardrobe, and was ideal for showing a designer clutch purse. Kate bosworth has always been popular for her immaculate sense of style, and even at the airport she was spotted in a very expensive pink fur bodice type top coat by the designer Katie Ermilio to match her skinny jeans. The burbery prorsum spring summer 2014 collection had a pink coat with soft shoulders, two large pockets, one small pocket and black buttons.

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