Trounce the heat by staying stylish this summer

Summer is the phase of the weather where we’re feeling not so annoyed because of blistering sun increases degree temperature to peak and the distressing sweat.

As a result of that you will let yourself down by turning into liquid your picture perfect makeup while attending any ceremony.

Trounce the heat by staying stylish this summer

Guiding principle to follow to for pasting the warmth of summer while hang about in style

To enjoy summer with a perfect look and stay fresh, here are some tips that you can check out

  1. Chose the appropriate clothing stuff
    1. Select the fabrics consist of pure cotton, chambray, georgette, linen, denim, silk, rayon and Jersey. Style must gave you comfort like going for free, flow-styles attire like shorts, skirt, or maxi are better option than skin tight clothes like leggings
    2. You also need to be concern about color of the stuff like white, pastels, bright, bold and vivid colors with flower patterns give you a fresh feel and are perfect for making your mood light in the scorching heat
  2. Always opt for watertight makeup
    1. As the sweat and humidity can easily wipe out the eyeliner and mascara so go for gel or pencil eyeliners which are generally smudge -free.
    2. Using a water-based oil-absorbing primer and oil- absorbent powder foundation and can also go for  shimmery bronzer on parts which are exposed to sun like face, arms, legs etc.
  3. Opt a perfect diet
    1. Avoid intake of caffeine and nicotine and also food containing sugar, and shift to a large intake of water and citrus fruits or vegetable s which are hydrate and maintain body temperature.
  4. Get rid of your body odor by using  some good quality deodorant and also  by natural homemade therapy
  5. You can also use some branded antiperspirant also.

With all these tips, go for a happy sunny summer without sweat in this season!

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