Two ways to pamper your skin for summer

With warm temperatures setting in you have to be way too cautious to walk a bit more extra miles keeping your skin glow!  You must try these ingredients and give your skin a relieving and smooth effect this season and prepare it for summers.

It is time to get set your Slough:

If you wish to combat the effects of leftover winter dryness, you need to exfoliate. It is the very first thing that you must have to include in your skin regimen as stated by Dr. Neal Schultz. To bless your skin with a radiant glow go for a peel that has glycolic acid rather than opting for a coarse product which comes with granules.

Three ways to pamper your skin for summer

With the help of a physical exfoliator you do not have to keep pressing for a long time and in just the very same time span you will feel variable results. Anytime a chemical exfoliator turns out being effectual. It is consistent and also superior. The very same goes for your entire body. And for this the best way is to stick to a lotion that has about 10 percent glycolic and proper elements which will help to hold in moisture. Thus ingredients such as shea butter and glycerin can be applied soon after you take bath.

You must also rehab your lips:

For body and face, exfoliating plays a major role, but one of the things which you need to avoid is to make your lips dry. Schultz explains that the signs of chapping denote inflammation. If you go about exfoliating an area that has been inflamed it will turn up getting more inflamed.

Three ways to pamper your skin for summer 1

This is why you will have to cover it up and keep it sheltered. Hence there is just no need to apply a gloss or a lipstick unless your lips heal down. There are so many people who even pullout the fakes, and this is a strict ‘NO’! This will end up swelling your lips in the worst of ways and it is a complete disaster. A good moisturizing lip mask will be a great help for you, however, do not peel off the product rather rinse it off slowly.

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