Uncovering the Appeal of the French Fashion Editor

Paris is considered to be the fashion capital of the world, and reasons for the mystique of the French fashion editors have been analyzed.

Famous for its fashion designers, Paris the capital of France is considered to be one of the few fashion capitals of the world, attracting fashionistas from all around the world, trying to uncover the latest fashion trends. Popular fashion editors like carine roitfield and Emmanuelle alt are widely admired and have a large fan following, not only for their excellent taste in choosing the right fashion trends to feature in the sections they edit, but also for their personal sense of fashion, selecting the right clothes to wear for every event and occasion. An analysis of their clothes and style follows.

Emmanuelle Alt

Carine roitfield is the most photographed French fashion editor in a variety of outfits and looks. She has been spotted in all white three piece outfit with a top, skirt and jacket, with her shoulder length hair left lose. At another time, she wore a white crop top with butterfly hands, a black pencil skirt, with oversized sunglasses shielding her eyes. Though most people find black garments boring, she has worn these black outfits on several occasions, sometimes embellished with trimmings and combining different textures of clothes, with pencil skirts and well structured outfits.

Emmanuelle Alt is another popular fashion editor known for her fashion signature style which is widely admired. She has been often seen in skinny jeans, worn with formal top as well more informal shirts and matching comfortable shoes. For fashion week she has been spotted wearing a denim and black outfit for power dressing. Julia Sarr Jamois has a more adventurous approach to fashion, experimenting with bright colours, prints and designs, but still retains her elegant look. Capucine Safyurtlu is another widely popular fashion editor who prefers basics like chambray shirts, tee shirts and skinny jeans.

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