Useful Women Fashion Tips

Clothes stores do not seem suited to your age? Yet, just tap into the latest trends that best suits you. Here are some advices that will help you choose clothes that fill your wardrobe!

Useful Women Fashion Tips

Fashion tips for women over 50 years:

Skirts for everyone

Wearing the knee-length skirt, you are sure you are not mistaken. Women over 5 feet 4 inches may also be below the knee, while the smallest can opt for a slightly shorter models that are above. Another tip: the straight skirt is suitable for most rounds while the flared skirt fits perfectly elongated silhouettes women. If you like to wear the skirt to the ankle, enhance your look with boots; Remember that shoes should be avoided with a long skirt!

Dare to colour

At any age, it is possible to wear bright colours. This year the trend is purple and mauve all ranges. If the colour you like, do not deprive yourself! Warning: if you have pale skin, avoid beige, ivory and gray. And do not forget to choose the color of your clothes according to that of your hair. If they are “salt and pepper”, forget the brown, orange and white.

Good pants

You need black pants, this is a must! And do not forget to choose the right size and too tight pants or too large could ruin your look! Something to choose the cut: balancing the silhouette. Women with small shoulders opt for pants legs closer. Those with strongest shoulders should guide their choices towards the flared leg pants. You hesitate to wear jeans? There is no reason to miss, no matter your age. The slogan: choose a good cut and as dark as possible to buy. Choose jeans with 1% or 2% lycra to prevent unwanted forms (such as pockets knee) are formed over time.

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